Lessons.ph is the first and only website in the country created for Filipino elementary children and their parents. It was founded in year 1999 to address some of the needs of today's families. The site offers many resources so kids can learn while having fun. The site can also help busy parents get involved in the education and development of their children. The company is now composed of a team of education, technology, creative and business professionals with common beliefs and objectives.

Basic Beliefs of the Company

  • Education is a top priority and is the foundation for a more competitive country.
  • Education is the responsibility of the child and parent and not just the school's. Bonding between parent and child helps build emotional strength and stability.
  • Children should be exposed to technology early on.
  • Children need a well-rounded development.
  • Parents benefit a lot by learning from the experiences of other parents.

Company Objectives

  • To provide parents and students the best study tools which are customized, interactive and fun.
  • To encourage parents to get involved with the education and overall development of their children.
  • To provide internet applications and access to information that promotes value formation and well rounded development.
  • To promote online venues for parents to interact and share learnings among themselves.