By May Tobias

Patty wanted a puppy. One morning, she decided she was going to have one. She wanted the prettiest one she could find. So she went to the pet shop and told the man behind the counter, “I want a puppy, please. Give me the prettiest one you have.”

The man scratched his head and wondered what Patty meant. A pretty puppy? He looked at all the dogs in his pet shop, and thought hard.

He couldn’t decide. All of them looked pretty good to him.

“Ah,” he said. He picked up the smallest puppy (he looked pretty enough) and gave it to Patty. “Here you are, miss. A pretty puppy for a pretty little girl.”

Patty opened her pink wallet and paid for the puppy.

The man got a can of puppy food from the shelf and placed it on the counter. “Feed your puppy twice a day.”

Patty paid for the puppy food as well.

“Don’t forget to give it water to drink and bathe it once in a while,” he added, but Patty and her puppy were already gone.

In her bedroom, Patty took out her box of ribbons. She got a pink satin ribbon and tried to tie it around one of the puppy’s ears. The puppy didn’t like it. So Patty tried a purple felt ribbon. He didn’t like it, either. Then Patty tried to brush the puppy’s hair. The puppy jumped off the bed.

Patty gave up. Her dolls were more fun, after all. And prettier, too. A puppy that wasn’t pretty was no fun.

She picked up the puppy and threw it out of the kitchen door.

“What was that?” Yaya Yeyey asked.

“Oh, just an ugly puppy, “ Patty said.

All day, Patty almost forgot all about the puppy till she heard noises from behind the kitchen door.

“Ugly puppy,” she muttered. “Must be hungry.” So she opened the can of puppy food and poured everything into a bowl. Then she got another bowl and filled it with water. “Don’t ever bother me again, okay?” she told the puppy, and shut the door.
When nighttime came, Patty heard strange noises. She tried to sleep but she couldn’t. “A-woooooooo!” the horrible sound went. The sound became louder and louder. The puppy! “Oh no,” Patty said. “It’s turned into a monster!”Patty remembered she had emptied the can of dog food into the bowl.

“He must have eaten it all up! And he’s now as big as the house!”

Where was Yaya Yeyey? Could the monster puppy have eaten her too?

“Oh no, Yaya Yeyey is gone,” Patty sobbed, “and it’s all my fault!”

BOW-WOW! The sound echoed loudly. BOWOWOWOWOWOW!

The monster puppy was looking for her! Unwashed, unwanted, ugly and, worst of all--hungry!!!

Patty wished she never bought the puppy. Then she had another horrible thought--she had to go to the bathroom!

Patty thought she can wait till morning to go, but then she also kept thinking she can’t. So with one deep breath she opened her bedroom door and bolted for the bathroom across the hall.

Then what do you think happened?

“Eeeeeeeeeek!” Patty shrieked.

The monster puppy was-there!!!

Unwashed, unwanted and more scared than Patty. But he was so cute! He looked newly washed and was looking up at Patty with his puppy eyes.

Yaya Yeyey appeared at the door. “I didn’t have the heart to leave him outside,” she said. “You know, you shouldn’t have gotten that poor puppy in the first place, if you didn’t want to take care of it.” She picked the puppy up. “What are we going to do with this now?”

“Take care of it, I suppose,” Patty said. Yaya Yeyey handed the puppy over to her.

The puppy licked Patty’s face. “He likes you,” Yaya Yeyey smiled.

“I’m so sorry, puppy, please forgive me,” Patty said. “I promise to take care of you from now on.”

And so Patty kept her little puppy and took very good care of him. She named him Monster, and they lived happily ever after.