1. Here are three wonderful stories of three amazing cats.

Celia Studious and Conrad Cat
By Regina Fernandez
Illustrated by Abi Goy
Conrad Cat is a cat who wants to play all day and cannot understand why Celia loves going to school. One day, he follows her to school and finds out why she loves school.

Ang Itim na Kuting
Kwento ni Natasha Vizcarra
Guhit ni Ferdinand Guevarra
A little black cat’s search for a home leads to little girl who not only takes care of her but loves her dearly.
Mga Lihim sa Gabi ni Ruming
Kwento ni Rhandee Garlitos
Guhit ni Ibarra Crisostomo
And lastly, what do cats do when they leave the house at night? Follow Ruming and find out
2. Parents in the Pigpen Pigs in the Tub
By Amy Ehrlich
Illustrated by Steven Kellog
The animals aren’t happy living in the barn anymore and move into the house. The human eventually move to the barn. This hilarious book will have readers laughing all the way to the end.
3. Arf! Beg! Catch! Dogs from A to Z
By Henry Horenstein
Dog lovers will love this book even if they already know the alphabet!
4. If You Give a Moose a Cookie
By Laura Numeroff
What happens when a boy gives a moose a cookie? The unexpected, of course!